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   K and J's Country Pups is a small family owned breeding kennel operation in the countryside of Honey Grove Texas. Honey Grove is located about an hour and a half North of Dallas TX. Very conveniently located close to Dallas, or Southern Oklahoma and a very reasonable driving distance from northwest Louisiana or southern Arkansas.  Our small facility is licensed and inspected by the state of Texas and is also AKC inspected on a regular basis.  We only raise boxer pups .We stand beside our boxer families thru the life of their new Boxer puppy with email support and honor our 1 yr genetically healthy guarantee for our boxer puppies. We do not raise multiple breeds of dogs. We will not sell to brokers or pet stores, we only deal one on one with our puppy families. All puppies are born in our home with constant supervision from day 1. 

 We are located on 20 acres just north of our small town. All of our Boxers are raised with love and lots of daily attention. Some of our Boxers are in the house with access to the large exercise yard outside. We also have  small air conditioned kennel buildings with seperate dog runs and doggy door for each dog. We rotate time in the house and time in the building so all of our dogs have specialized attention. The Boxer puppies are born in our spare bedroom. Handled by us from day one and have daily cuddle time. They are raised around cats and other pets. This will help them fit right in with a new family and the activities of their new home. They will be exposed to the noises (T.V. , music, cats , grandchildren playing, doors slamming,, dishes rattling ...etc..) of a normal house , so they will be acclimated to all the normal household noises and not be overly anxious when exposed to these noises in your home.

   The previous paragraph was included because I have been the recipient of a pup raised in a "kennel" environment without daily human contact/attention during the first few crucial weeks. She is afraid of her own shadow. This is not meant to imply that all pups raised in a "kennel" "unsocialized?" environment will be the jumpy, frightened types but this has just been my own personal experience. Some puppies may just be predisposed to be this way. BUT if a pup is exposed to "normal household noises" and has had hours each day of interaction with humans the liklihood of being a frightened , jumpy dog will be  minimal .. Puppies born here will have been given every opportunity to be a happy , healthy, good natured, out-going friendly puppy.. Good Puppies with proper training and socialization will be an almost perfect dog.... it is a work in progress... I will have done everything in my power to provide you with a healthy , trainable, alert, happy puppy.. it is up to you as the new caretaker to continue this effort with lots of love, training ,attention and regular/routine vet visits.

    Please email any questions or to be placed on a waiting list for the upcoming litters (2015)  . I require a Wait List Deposit of $100. This deposit is non-refundable and is applied to the overall cost of your chosen puppy. I answer emails daily. When new pups arrive I will email everyone on the waiting list in the order I received their request to be placed on the wait list. The families that have been placed on the waiting list for a pup from a specific pairing will be allowed first choices based on wait time (the wait list deposit date determines this)..I ask that if you have found your suitable puppy beforehand to let me know so I can remove you from our list and move the next family UP in wait-list order. Please remember you forfeit your wait list deposit. A non-refundable partial payment/deposit paid in cash at your first viewing of the pups will hold your chosen puppy until they are ready to go. Please ask me for a receipt. If you place a deposit I will email a new picture of your new Boxer pup every week so you can watch her/him grow right along with us. We can also accept deposits & payments paid thru PayPal , please see the PayNow button below, this will take you to an invoice page where you can use your debit or credit card safely & securely. 

  We will deliver your pup or meet part way within the North Texas or southern Oklahoma  or Northwest Louisiana area for a small trip charge to cover gas expenses only. I use Mapquest to get the mileage and base the delivery charge on that mileage. Of course you are also welcome to visit us and the pups by appointment to make your choice in person. Your new puppy will come with a puppy pack which includes : starter sample of food they are eating, vaccination and deworming records and of course their puppy paperwork (AKC , UKC, CKC or APRI puppy application). They will be up to date on dewormings and vaccinations, but will need booster vaccinations from your vet for full immunities.. They will have had their tails docked and their dewclaws removed at our vets office, we do not do them ourselves.. If you want their ears done this will be up to you. Most vets like to do the boxer pups ears between the age of 10-15 weeks. Most of our dogs ears are natural and I love the floppy-eared look. This is our personal preference and I have noticed no cleanliness issue with flop-eared versus cropped ears. It is just a personal preference and the look you want for your new boxer.

  UPDATE to previous statement >> We have had one  stud dog ears cropped and I regret this decision. I stand by my earlier statement of floppy ears being our preference.. I do not recommend having this procedure performed on your new pup unless you are going to show your dog in AKC sanctioned confirmation shows.

  The actual cropping process may not be painful for your puppy since the pup is under anesthesia but the aftercare :stitch removal, taping/ posting etc is and healing time most definitely is painful.

 I will be available via email for any questions or concerns you may have in the feeding or care of your new puppy anytime..this will include house/crate training tips, feeding suggestions, exercise requirements or grooming for your new puppy. Don't be embarrassed , just ask , I will try to help. If your question is out of my realm, I will suggest you address your concerns to your local veterinarian.

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Please use the yellow Pay Now Button below to either pay your Waiting List Deposit $100 or the Holding Deposit on your chosen puppy. Please keep in mind these payments are non-refundable under any circumstances so please be certain you are willing to wait for that perfect puppy before you sign up for our waiting list.

 Please type in 3% extra on your holding deposit to cover the PayPal fees, I do not collect this 3% , Paypal receives that for the privelege of using their service.. We will be adding 6.75%  Texas state sales tax to the cost of your puppy, so add that to the full cost quoted for your puppy, this tax amount will be added to the final cash balance of your puppy due on pick-up day,  do not add that sales tax to the PayPal holding deposit payment because you will end up also paying more for the paypal fee.. 

  We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we feel is unfit for new puppy ownership, or is in any way unable to care for a puppy properly. You may be asked questions to determine your level of responsibility.  We will not knowingly sell to brokers, puppy mills, backyard breeders or pet stores. Thanks

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